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Andrew Middleton's Lamborghini Replica

“Some years ago I set forth on a quest to build myself a Lamborghini replica. Nearing the end of my build and receiving my car back from the body guy from hell, I found out that the donor car’s wiring harness was shot. To my disbelief, no one wanted to tackle the job of replacing the wires, so I had to do it myself.

Hot Rod Wires® to the rescue. The harness and several other quality products I purchased from them were well built, with lots of verbal and printed support from the folks at Hot Rod Wires®. For any one out there that needs to be rewired, I would highly recommend this product.”

Great job!

Andrew Middleton
Green Bay, WI

Earl Bullock

“Thanks for everything. It’s like having a new car!”

Earl Bullock
Dallas County Clerk


“I just wanted to let you know that the 18 circuit harness you sold me works great.

This was my first big wiring job and the way you had everything tagged and separated made it as painless as possible.

I was even able to get some assistance over the phone on 4th of July weekend, which was surprising to me. The person on the phone had me lined out straight in minutes and I finished the job that night.

Thanks for a great product and service to back it up.”

Doug Boggs

Jim Hadden

“I’ve been doing business with Bill at Hot Rod Wires® for over 20 years.

They have wired my 32 Ford Roadster, 32 5-Window Coupe and the first tune port flathead. The 32 5-Window Coupe was the first electronic fuel injection in a street rod built in 1985 and was featured in Street Rodder Magazine October 1987.

I have been completely satisfied with all their work and everything is still running strong.

I would highly recommend Hot Rod Wires®!!!”

Jim Hadden

Susumu Harper

“After 13 years, I know I made the right choice in the dependable wiring harness I bought from Hot Rod Wires®.

I’ve had countless miles of Hot Rod Fun in my 57 Chevy and it’s still going strong. Trust the Best!!!”

Susumu Harper


“I wanted to thank you for your help and your awesome product.

Thanks to you, and a number of late nights, my 85 dodge truck is back on the road and operating better than ever.

I appreciate the quick responses you had every time I asked a question. You don’t get customer support like that anymore!

Thank You!”

Daniel J. Reese
Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Doug Roberts

“I bought my wiring kit for my 55 Chevy P.U. from Hot Rod Wires® in the spring of 2000.

It was a very nice looking package with high quality components and easy to follow instructions. I’ve never had a single problem or failure since the installation.

When I build my next project I will definitely buy another wiring kit from Bill at Hot Rod Wires®.”

Doug Roberts

Christina Mason

“Hot Rod Wires® are top quality! The kit comes with OEM parts and everything you need.

I’ve installed 2 kits and it is a piece of cake to install. The directions are easy to follow, wires are more than long enough and nicely marked. They are great and help out with questions.

I would highly recommend Hot Rod Wires® to anyone considering wiring their vehicle.”

Christina Mason

Kevin Phillips

“Well, she’s on the road!!! Still needs paint and lots of other stuff. What a great product you have put out. Great price and no misery.

My beloved 39′ Plymouth runs like a new car, 360 horse, 700R4, and CD player just for fun.

All you folks, who may be reading this site and wondering if this is the way to go, wonder no more. Just buy it, put it in your car, and enjoy the car.

Thanks again Bill, for all your help, and your great product.”

Kevin Phillips
Snohomish, WA

Kenny Gardner

“I bought my wiring kit for my 62 Willys Jeep Pick Up from Hot Rod Wires® in 2004.

This was my first wiring job and the way everything was tagged and separated made the wiring job easy for me with no wiring experience. I was even able to get help over the week end.

Thanks for a great product and service to back it up.”

Kenny Gardner
Guyton, GA

Charles Iker

“The wiring was a breeze. I used your 12 circuit wiring harness to complete the wiring on my sand rail.

The project began with a 1967 VW Beetle donor car. I used your universal turn signal switch, dimmer switch, ignition switch, horn button, and all of the wiring hardware.

Everything turned out great and the wiring is rock solid.”

Charles Iker
Batavia, OH

Bruce Otis

“I think your product is great – simple and compact.”

Bruce Otis
Rochester MN

“Dear Hot Rod Wires®:

I purchased a 24 circuit harness from you. First of all its cost was less than a third of the dash, front and rear harness for a 1979 Corvette. It works great and powered all the bells and whistles GM put on that car.

Your written instructions were great, but more importantly the Tech Support was invaluable. Great product and even better service.

I also used your 18 circuit to rewire my 1941 Ford. Also can’t say enough about the harness and tech support.

I will certainly recommend Hot Rod Wires® to any of my car friends needing to rewire their customs,

Great Job.”

Randy Hudgins
Gambrills, MD

Vince Ferrante

“Wanted to write to thank you for the excellent product your company makes. Installation was simple because of the clear instruction manual. The two questions I had were answered quickly – this also being after “normal” business hours on the weekend. The post sales support provided was above and beyond expectation. I am certain to say your competitors can not match your service.

My car is still a work in progress, but just today I hooked up the battery and everything worked perfectly.

I think I spoke directly with you each time I called and I got a clear answer with no extra hassle. This was my first attempt at wiring a car and everything works perfectly.

Again thank you,”

Vince Ferrante
Wentzville, MO

Ken Glowacky

“Thanks for all you did for me. Bill and Hot Rod Wires® went way beyond and continues to help me solve any problem that comes up well after the sale.

Same day responses and honest accurate information. All problems I have had have been installer error. Nothing wrong with the harness at all. Have used others in the past but now there is only one I will use.

The customer service has been outstanding. Not much more I can say other than buy with certainty of a quality product and company. By the way it is a 1956 Studebaker with an LS1.

Thanks Again.”

Ken Glowacky
The Woodlands, Texas

Frank Ranallo

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for stepping up and HELPING our young marine snipers.

Hope to raise about $30,000.00 for the kid’s with this 4X4 Rock Crawler.

Again Thank You.”

Frank Ranallo

John Nielsen

“Here are some pictures of the Model A Vicky Resto-Rod that I just finished. I purchased a wiring harness and other items from Hot Rod Wires®, but otherwise modified and installed the wiring for the rod by myself. Your instructions were very clear. However, I could not have completed the project without your help.

I made many calls to you requesting assistance, and I especially respect your understanding that most of us work on our cars during the evening and weekend hours. Many of my call were made during those hours, and you were always courteous and got me straightened out. I recall four calls on a single Saturday morning as you lead me through some trouble shooting.

Your products are simply first class. I recommend Hot Rod Wires® to any one that wants to do his own work. You are miles above the other suppliers with glitzy ads. One should consider himself lucky if any of those vendors answers your e-mail or is at all helpful on the telephone. Hot Rod Wires® is a great resource for our hobby.”

John Nielsen
Palm Desert, CA

Loren Spohn

“Thanks very much for the tech assistance on the 24 circuit kit that I installed in my 49 Chevy Fleetline upgrade. I am pleased with the attention to workmanship detail and the overall quality of the kit and now enjoy many happy cruises in the Fleetline.”

Loren Spohn
Beaverton, OR

“I just finished installing a harness from Hot Rod Wires® in a 62 corvette. I am not into stock parts and I wanted to upgrade the wires. The 12 circuit harness was perfect for this car. One thing I liked was the fuse block stands off the firewall allowing me to route the wires out the sides and top and bottom; this made for a clean install.

The other thing that stands out with Hot Rod Wires® is the support I got from Bill. I don’t know how the others are with support but here is a guy who knows how to wire a car.

Thanks Bill,”

Olympia, WA


“Again, I want to say thanks for all the help with the wiring on my 1948 F1 pickup. I purchased the 18 circuit wire set up and you backed it up with the tech support I so needed.

I have just enough knowledge about wiring to be dangerous but with about 20 phone calls and always getting through to you, the job went very smoothly. Although I was very apprehensive when I went to push the starter button, it fired right up and the lights, signals, tail lights parking lights, horn, and charging system all worked fine.

Your wiring harness along with the tech support are number one in my book and I will be passing this info on.

Thanks again,”

Glendora, CA

Randy Hall

Bill –

Here is a picture of my 1965 El Camino that I used the best wire harness around – Hot Rod Wires® is the best.

Thanks a lot for your technical service as well. I could not have done it without you.

Randy Hall
Fairborn, OH

Mike Chandler

“Bill –

I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to install your harness in my 54 F100. Converting it from 6v to 12v was a breeze. Thanks for a wonderful product and hope you are doing well.

Thanks again,”

Mike Chandler
The Colony, TX

Bill Lackey

“The wiring harness I purchased from you for my ’37 Chevy was easy to install because all the wires were marked, and there was sufficient length of each wire so there was no need to splice.

I have just started my new project, a ’51 Chevy Fleetline. I will purchase my wiring harness from Hot Rod Wires® for this car also. You cannot beat the price.”

Bill Lackey
Mansfield, TX

Fred Kormanik

I just wanted to thank you for helping me complete the replacement of all of my old wiring with one of your wiring harnesses.

The directions were easy and your help on things that were a little different on my ’53 Ford Panel made it an easy job. When I was finished I just hooked up the battery, fired her up, and everything worked as it should!

Fred Kormanik
Carlsbad, CA

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