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» Q. How Does A Hot Rod Wires® Universal Wiring Harness Work?

If you have a street rod, classic car, truck, jeep, kit car or any 12 volt system in need of a complete bumper to bumper wiring harness the 12 circuit,18 circuit or 24 circuit harness will do the job. If the plastic connectors to your various switches and sockets are in good condition they can be reused or you can use the ones that come with the harness kit. Each harness comes with connectors and terminals for GM switches. You install the new GM ATO type fuse block and route the attached wiring to the various components and solder the terminals. These harnesses work well on any 12 volt application in need of a complete electrical system.

» Q. How do I decide which harness I need for my street rod?

Any of the three harnesses will give you all the basics such as starting, charging, ignition, gauges and all the lighting for safety inspection. This includes high and low beam headlights, tail lights, park lights, turn signals, stoplights, and license light. If you have a very basic vehicle you can go with the 12 circuit; we don’t try to over sell. If you have power windows, power locks, electric fan or electric fuel pump, you would need to move up to the 18 circuit wiring harness. If you need an under hood light, clock, lighter, trunk light, glove box light or dome light you would go with the 24 circuit wiring harness. The 24 circuit also comes with all the switches.

» Q. What can you tell me about your harnesses?

Our harnesses are the highest quality in the industry; with all soldered construction and built to 2009 specifications. Our wire sizes are gauged correctly to carry the load for each individual circuit. Which means you don’t have early component failure because of low voltage or a starter that won’t work when the engine gets hot.

» Q. What if I have a very basic street rod but I want to add a dome light or lighter?

If your vehicle is pretty basic and you only need to add a circuit or two, these harnesses are expandable. Depending on what the circuit is that you need to add, we can usually tell you how to add the circuit so that you can get by with the 12 or 18 circuit harness.

» Q. Are your wiring harnesses labeled?

No, they are color coded. If you use color code just as OEM manufacturers do; after you cover your wires with loom or tape you can still see the color by looking at the ends. If you rely on printed wires either all black or color without a color code system when the print wears off you cannot identify the wire. Over time the printing wears off when exposed to heat and chemicals under the hood. That’s why no OEM manufacturer uses all one color wire.

» Q. If your wires aren’t labeled how will I know how to install them?

It’s very simple, each wiring harness comes with ten coils of wire, each coil is labeled; such as engine, front, rear, etc. In the instructions each coil is listed separately with all the colors in that coil. Beside each color it tells you exactly where that wire goes. For example: Engine Harness – Red – Battery charge terminal of alternator.

» Q. What if my street rod is not GM?

It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you have. This wiring harness will work on any 12 volt system whether it is a Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, etc.

» Q. Do your wiring harnesses work with HEI or points type distributor?

Our harness will work with either points or HEI type distributor; or any type ignition system because it is fed with a 12 gauge wire and protected with a 30 amp fuse.

» Q. Will I need any special tools to install your harness?

No special tools are needed to install our harness. You should solder every terminal; just use a standard soldering gun and rosin core solder. You can purchase a Weller gun, solder and tips from Home Depot.

» Q. Why do you use a fusible link instead of a maxi fuse?

When you use a fusible link you protect the harness at the power source. When you use a maxi fuse the circuit from the power source to the maxi fuse is not protected.

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