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These wiring harness applications are not exclusive to GM; they can be used for any Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler, etc. All wiring harness applications have the basic circuits such as starting, charging, ignition, gauges and lighting for safety inspections. This includes high and low beam headlights, tail lights, park lights, turn signals, hazard flashers, stoplights, license light and horn.

  • Heavy 8 gauge alternator charge wire to accommodate 100 Amp plus alternators.
  • Heavy 12 gauge wire for the starter circuit. This eliminates the need for a hot start kit.
  • Battery lamp indicator for charging system monitoring
  • Theft deterrent system
  • Heavy 12 gauge ignition circuit is compatible with any ignition system and any fuel delivery system from a carburetor to fuel injection.
  • Enough wire length to reach front to rear on all circuits
  • Harnesses are expandable.
  • Compatible with any manufacturers gauges
  • Battery, oil and temperature light capability
  • Harnesses are 100% soldered to insure reliability.
  • GM copper and brass terminals
  • Wire is GM gauged and color coded.
  • Fusible link protects the entire system
  • Terminals and connectors for GM switches and keyed GM column. Compatible with other manufacturers switches. Instruction sheet identifies each wire color and its function.
  • All wires are pre-connected to fuse block.
  • Each wiring harness comes with extremely easy to follow instructions.
  • Each harness is about $100.00 less than other harnesses. The reason we can sell this quality wiring harness at this price is because we are the manufacturer.

To determine which wiring harness is correct for your application please read the short descriptions below. You will find a more detailed description of each harness on the individual wiring harness page.


The 12 Circuit Wiring Harness is all you need if you have a basic vehicle. We don’t try to over sell. This is an extremely good buy if you don’t need all the bells and whistles.


The 18 Circuit Wiring Harness is what you need if your vehicle requires more power options. The additional options of this harness are power windows, power locks, electric fan, electric fuel pump, high level stop light and radio B+ memory. This is a great value for this power option wiring harness.


The 24 Circuit Wiring Harness comes with full power options and all switch terminals are already soldered to the wires. All you do is plug them in. It comes with all the switches and switch hardware. All fuses, flashers and horn relay are already installed. If you need everything this is an excellent buy!

Not only do we provide expert Technical Support during regular business hours, we go one step further, we provide this same service in the evenings and on the weekend when you are working on your project.

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